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Special Lecture by Prof. Ferdi Aryasetiawan

Special Lecture for IMSC 2018 will be held.


Date:Jan. 15 (Tue.)15:00 p.m.
Place: 412, M1 Building, Graduate School of Engineering, Suita campus
Lecturer:Prof. Ferdi Aryasetiawan, Lund University, Mathematical Physics, Lund, Sweden
Title: “GW Method and Beyond”

The GW approximation has become a method of choice for computing the quasiparticle energy dispersion in solids. Its early success is in predicting band gaps in good agreement with experiment in a wide range of semiconductors and insulators, which are systematically underestimated within the widely used local density approximation. Generally, the GW method yields very good quasiparticle energies for systems in which the valence states are dominated by extended s or p electrons as in the alkalis and conventional semiconductors such as Si and GaAs. When applied to 3d and 4f systems in which the valence states are semi-itinerant and rather localized, the GW approximation fares less successfully or even fails qualitatively to reproduce the experimental data. There is therefore a need to go beyond the GW approximation to take into account correlation effects presence in these strongly correlated systems. In this seminar an overview of the GW method is presented and recent development beyond the GW approximation is described.