Oral Presentation

Please remember that the time assignments for presentations are as follows:

  • Invited Talk: 70 min. (60 min. talk + 10 min. discussion)
  • Contributed Talk: 15 min. (12 min. talk + 3 min. discussion)

    NOTICE: ISNS committees will review all abstructs fairly in order to select oral presenters. When the number of applicants exceeds the number of contributed talks, we could request you to change the presentation format.

Please ensure your presentation does not exceed the presentation time, otherwise you will be stopped by the session chair in order to keep conference schedule. We will prepare PCs including both Microsoft Power Point and Mac Keynote for your presentation. We will prepare VGA connector, so you can also bring your own PCs and adapters (such as VGA-to-HDMI or VGA-to-Thunderbolt).

The Organising Committee will award all the Contributed Talk Speakers in recognition of their outstanding works. The Awards Ceremony will take place before the Closing Remarks.

Poster Presentation

The size of poster is ISO A0 (W: 841 mm, H: 1,189 mm). We do not provide printing service, so please bring your printed poster to the meeting. If your poster number is an odd (even) number, you are required to attend your poster for 60 minutes of the session 11:15-12:15, Day 1 (11:15-12:15, Day 2). Please put up your poster by the poster session. please retrieve your poster by the end of lunch break.

The Organising Committee will award poster awards to outstanding poster presentations. The poster awards are selected fairly by vote of all participants. The Awards Ceremony will take place before the Closing Remarks.