Topical Seminar by Dr. H.Hirao of City University of Hong Kong

Topical Seminar by Dr. H.Hirao of City University of Hong Kong


Topical Seminar for IMSC 2018 will be held.

Lecturer: Dr. Hajime HiraoDepartmentof Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong

Title: Introduction to Computational Chemistry

Course Objective:
Computational chemistry is nowadays an indispensable tool for investigating a variety of chemical phenomena at the atomic level. The availability of many elaborate software packages allows us to apply computational chemistry techniques to specific problems immediately without paying much attention to underlying theories. Although this black-box-like nature is in a sense a good aspect of computational chemistry, in this course, emphasis will be placed rather on discussing derivation processes and other details of a few fundamental concepts.

Day 1: Aug. 21, 13:00-14:30, 14:40-16:10
Day 2: Aug. 22, 13:00-14:30, 14:40-16:10
Day 3: Aug. 23, 13:00-14:30, 14:40-16:10
Research seminar:
“Applications of Computational Chemistry to Chemical Reactions”
LecRoom 3, 7F, Interdisciplinary Research Building
Room F390, First Research Building of I.S.I.R*

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