General Information

Registration Desk Open Hours:

Registration and payment will be possible during the following hours. All participants will receive the symposium badges and bags upon  registration.

Monday, November 17          8:00 – 18:00
Tuesday, November 18          8:15 – 18:00
Wednesday, November 19   8:15 – 12:00

Social Events:

  • Welcome Mixer (by invitation only):
    Day / Date                     Sunday, November 16
    Time                                  18:00-20:00
    Venue                               Gekko (2F)
  • Banquet (Regular ¥5,000/Student ¥3000/Industry ¥10,000):
    Day / Date                       Tuesday, November 18
    Time                                    18:30-20:30
    Venue                                 VERDE (B1F)

Internet Connections:
Wi-Fi Internet connection will be available for free in the rooms for oral presentations (Orbit Hall, Seiun1, Seiun2) during the conference.

Lunch break (parallel to Poster Session) will be 12:35-14:00 on November 17 and 12:15-14:40 on November 18. If you would like to have a lunch at Garden Lounge FONTE (1F), Lunch Ticket is available for an optional payment of ¥1,500 per day.

Coffee Break:
Coffee  and some other soft drinks will be served free of charge on the second floor just outside the Rooms (Seiun1 and Seiun2) on November 17 to November 19 (9:50–10:10), November 17 14:55–15:15, and November 18 15:35 – 15:55.

Instructions for Speakers:
The  rooms for oral presentations (Orbit Hall, Seiun1, Seiun2) will be equipped with PCs and MacBook Air. No slide or OHP will be available. The PCs will be working under Windows 8.1 with MS office 2013. For MacBook Air (OS 10.8), Office 2011 will be available. Speakers must load your presentation using a USB flash memory, 1 hour and a half prior to the session or during the break. If you bring your own laptop, please make sure to test your equipment in advance. Laser pointers will be provided.

Please remember that the time assignments for presentations are as follows:
Special Lecture:        60 min.
Plenary Lecture:       55 min. (50 min. talk + 5 min. discussion)
Keynote Lecture:     40 min. (35 min. talk + 5 min. discussion)
Invited Lecture:        30 min. (25 min. talk + 5 min. discussion)
Oral Presentation*: 20 min. (15 min. talk + 5 min. discussion)
Student Talk*:             15 min. (12 min. talk + 3 min. discussion)

The bell will ring to let speakers know the remaining time.
the first bell:         5 min. (3 min.)* before the end of the talk
the second bell:  the end of the talk
the third bell:       the end of the discussion (except for Special Lecture)

Since we have two parallel sessions, the Session Chairs will be very strict with time control, so please try to accommodate your presentation to the allocated time.

Instructions for Poster Presenters:
The Poster Sessions will be held in the space on the second floor just outside the Rooms (Seiun1 and Seiun2) where the oral sessions will be given. The size of the poster should be A0 size, i.e. 841 mm (W) × 1189 mm (H).

The posters must be displayed in the poster area before the Opening Remarks (8:40 am) on November 17, and will have to be removed at the end of Closing Remarks on November 19. The organizers will provide pushpins to the presenters to affix their posters to the board. Please be sure to use the board marked with your poster number according to the Program

Note: The Organization assumes no responsibility for any damage to the exhibited posters. Posters that have not been removed by the end of the Closing Remarks on November 19 will be discarded.

Instructions for Poster Short Talk:
Only students belonging to Interactive Material Science Cadet Program (PP-01 – PP-19 and PC-01 – PC-25) will give 1 minute presentation (flash talk) on November 17 (12:00-12:35). Please prepare 2-page PowerPoint slides for the presentation, and e-mail the file In order to identify the presenter and the category, please name the file as:
[your poster number]_[your lastname].pptx (eg, PC-01_Handai.pptx)

Student Research Awards:
Student Talk Speakers were chosen on the basis of their submitted abstracts. The Organizing Committee will award all 8 Student Talk Speakers in recognition of their outstanding work. The Awards will be presented during the Closing Remarks of the Symposium on November 19.

Poster Prizes:
The Organizing Committee will award the best 4 posters. All the Poster presenters will be nominated as candidates of the Poster Prizes. The Prizes will be presented to the winners during the Closing Remarks of the Symposium on November 19.